Australia as a study destination

Australia is one of the leading education providers across the globe. It is the second-best study destination after the United States of America. More and more international students are preferring Australia as their favourite study destination for almost a decade now. There are many contributing factors for such growth among which some are listed below:

  • Having some of the best universities in the world: Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world is one of the factors that drive students in pursuing education in Australia. Australian universities focus on not only the quality of the education but also on academic research and graduate outcome.
  • A safe place for students: As a student without a close family member or a friend to accompany him or her in a foreign land, it can be daunting to stay alone and pursue an education. Australia is considered one of the safest places in the world because of the low crime rates. Because of this, many international students prefer Australia.
  • Earning while learning: Isn’t it a good thing that students get a privilege to earn for their living expenses while they are on student visas? Australia not only gives students 40 hours/fortnight to work during their student visa period, but also gives unlimited hours to work on semester breaks. Moreover, Australia has plenty of jobs that students can try even if they do not have any experience. You can get an idea on this page on which jobs you can get as an international student in Australia without any experience.
  • Spouse can accompany the student: The beauty of the Australian student visa is that spouse of the student can also accompany the student. Australian government and universities want students to study without worrying about their spouses if they have one. Furthermore, spouses can help students financially and also give moral support when they need one.
  • Provision of retirement fund: Superannuation is a sort of retirement fund that can be accessed after your retirement if you become a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. On the other hand, if you decide to go back to your country, you can access the super fund after moving back to your respective home country. For more info on this, please visit
  • Health insurance for students: Australia also ranks very high in health care systems and insurance benefits. It not only provides free health care for its permanent residents and citizens but also to temporary visa holders including students. OHSC or student health cover comes quite reasonable if the medical costs are considered. 
  • Travel discounts on public transport: Commuting is a part of student life as they have to travel to and from work to home and university. Most of the students travel by public buses and trains and it can be expensive if there are no discounts. Some of the states like Queensland and ACT give international student discounts on public transport.
  • Outgoing and social lifestyle: Aussies are fond of going outdoor and socialising. They go to beaches, pubs, restaurants, cafes and sporting events regularly. Besides Australia has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world some of which are Surfer’s paradise, Manly beach, Bondi beach etc.
  • Exposure to multi-cultural society: Australia is home to people from all around the world. This gives a person tremendous exposure to new opportunities to learn about other countries, their cultures and people.
  • Post-study benefits: Australia provides a post-study graduate visa for the duration of 2 to 4 years depending upon the degree and in which state the student studied. This period can be beneficial to explore and travel around Australia as a tourist or earn before getting back home. Alternatively, students can search for jobs relevant to their completed course. There is another option that a student can choose which is a pathway towards permanent residency.
If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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