Benefits of a professional year program

A professional year program helps students develop communication skills, enhances their practical experience, and increases the overall knowledge of Australian culture and the workplace. Not only does it add value to the CV of students, but also helps in gaining five migration points in international student’s PR application.

What is a professional year program?

Basically, PYP is a well-structured professional development program that encompasses formal learning as well as work experience for students who are not domestic students but have graduated from a university-based in Australia. These studies as well as work programs run for a year and are currently limited to the fields of engineering, accounting, and computer science. These programs are beneficial for students who want to be permanent residents of Australia and are designed for students in such a way that they could develop skills pertaining to the Australian industry through study and work experience. This program succours them for professional careers in Australia. Although it might sound expensive for a one-year program, it helps students achieve their maximum potential and helps them gain permanent residency in Australia.

Who can do a professional year program?

Any international student who holds engineering, accounting, or computer science degree from an Australian university or college is eligible for applying to a professional year program minding the fact that you must hold a skilled graduate visa. A skilled-graduate visa allows a student to remain in Australia for an additional 24 months after the completion of their degree. One must have a minimum of 6 each band in IELTS or PTE academic equivalent to be able to apply for the professional year program.

What are the benefits of a professional year program?

There are numerous benefits to completing a professional year program. A non-native graduate can earn valuable experience in an Australian company in the form of an internship and will be able to understand the inherent roots of the culture and traditions that are being practised within Australian industries and workplaces. Students can learn how to communicate professionally and will be able to develop industry-specific skills that will help them out in the future. Apart from that, students will also be eligible to receive 5 extra points when they apply for permanent residency.

For IT graduates, it is a must-have if they want to expand their skill set. On the other hand, if they already have one year of prior experience, they can skip the professional year program. Other benefits include scoring a white-collar job and getting an entry into an Australian company, whereupon showcasing their abilities. They will be able to join the network of industry professionals.

Institutes that provide professional year program

There are numerous institutes that assist international students in their professional life and offer them new opportunities by providing a professional year program. These institutes include Performance education, Queensland International Business Academy, Education Centre of Australia, and Navitas.

Is a professional year program better or a career job?

It is a known fact that jobs are always better because they put food on the table and pays the bills. On the other hand, a Professional year program not only empties the pocket but takes your hard-earned money. Let’s say you have over three years of experience in your country in the same field that you have studied in that will alone get you 5 points. Even if you do not have those 5 points, you can still claim those points from a year of experience in Australia after studies.

If you want to skip the expensive professional year program, then you must find yourself a good-paying career-oriented job when you are in the last semester. The only good thing about the professional year program is that you will secure 5 points by doing it. Whilst you are doing a job, you might not get a permanent position after your probationary period is over. You must do the job for at least one year to secure those five points. If you want to get a graduate job instead of doing an expensive professional year program, you can get an idea on how to search for a graduate job here.


In the last few years, it was noticed that international students found themselves in deep trouble while looking for a job because they didn’t have the suitable experience and the skills that were being demanded in their respective fields. Even the candidates who held master’s degrees with better grades were not getting the relevant jobs because they didn’t have any idea about the practical implications of their skills and knowledge. All of these issues caused major unemployment in the country, and graduates lost all hopes of finding a suitable job for themselves.

But now, due to the professional year program, students can get professional training in their desired fields, and it benefits them greatly by increasing their chances of getting employment in Australia in their fields. Under this program, students are imparted with practical knowledge through face-to-face class sessions and industry training in the form of internships. One of the most important benefits of doing a professional year program is that you get to work in a highly reputed company with people who have high experience and are masters in their field. This will not only train you for numerous tasks within your company but will help you in building your network in the industry.

Additionally, you will also have the chance to build some powerful connections and networks in the industry that will help you advance your career and help during your learning period. Apart from that, you can also use those connections as professional references on your resume that will give you an edge over other candidates if you are applying somewhere else. The best and foremost benefit of doing a professional year program is that after completing the said program, you will gain an extra 5 points that will help you in being eligible for becoming a permanent resident of Australia.

Applying for a professional year program has its advantages but bear in mind that it is much expensive for students who have professional degrees in the field of IT and engineering.

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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