Best day trips from Sydney

Sydney is one of the most scintillating cities on the globe and the most exciting destination among tourists. The cuisine, beaches, zoos, clubs, museums, and nightlife are simply amazing. The world-famous Opera house, Sydney Zoo and Aquarium, Taronga Zoo, Royal Botanic Garden, Gallery of New South Wales, Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and many other places attract tourists from all parts of the world. So, if you are a tourist who loves to explore, a student or employee who is residing in Australia and needs to spend quality leisure time, there are a number of places you can visit. It is also one of the most loved destinations on the planet due to its natural landscape, flora, fauna, and modernization. The cultural destinations and recreational spots are praised by anyone who visits them. Furthermore, there are a number of amusing activities that can be enjoyed here. However, this article lists tourist attractions that can be visited outside of Sydney, if you got bored here in Sydney. Besides, these places are not too far away from Sydney. However, if you want to visit tourist attractions that are located within Sydney, then please visit this page.

Here are the best day trips from Sydney:

Kiama Blowhole

This blowhole is a popular tourist attraction as it is the place ‘where the sea makes a noise.’ The impressive whoosh sound is soothing to the ears, and the ocean mist it sprays is a unique experience to have. The height of this blowhole is recorded above 25 meters. Natural phenomena are always pleasing and calming exquisitely. Moreover, the Kiama blowhole has many picnic areas.

If this sea is blowing off, you’re able to hear a remarkable whoosh sound and you can feel the spray of the sea. Do not skip a trip to the tiny Blowhole, and it is more consistent compared to big blow-hole and equally magnificent to watch.

Hunter valley for wineries

Hunter valleyMost of us have seen wineries on our TV screens, but a few get the chance to visit a winery. The Hunter Valley for wineries is scenic and bewildering. You will find the best Chardonnays, Shiraz, and Semillons here. The whole valley has a number of different wineries, including Peppertree winery, Wynnewood Estate, Ivanhoe Wines, and many more. A perfect place for those who love to explore.

Newcastle beaches

Newcastle beachIf you are a fan of surfing, ocean baths, and basking in the sun, you can find a number of beaches in Newcastle that welcome tourists. One can easily reach Newcastle from Sydney in two hours. Mereweather beach is best known for ocean baths, scrumptious acai bowls, surf house, and dinner over the beach.

Nobby’s Beach is popular, particularly for family fun times! Certainly, one of the most popular beaches in Newcastle for swimming pools and it is a great place to learn how to body-board or surf.

If you are looking for something a little more exciting than your standard beach experiences then Caves Beach is marginally outside of Newcastle but worth the drive. As the main beach can be a lovely stretch of patrolled sea and sand, the main attraction can be found in the network of sea-caves accessible at low tide.

Certainly, one of NSW’s best beaches, Stockton is home to remarkable sand dunes, together with very good 4WD access. It’s home to a few of the most useful 4WD paths in Australia, the 53km Stockton Beach 4WD Track, running from Williamstown into Anna Bay. It’s a hard but thrilling drive, with an amazing view.

There are also a number of other beaches within one hour distance of Newcastle that is breathtaking.  What can be a better place to make wonderful memories than a beach?

Blue Mountains

Blue mountainsIt takes around two hours to go to the magnificent mountain range from Sydney. It’s a place that calls tourists every season. Their mountains are glowing in the autumn, vivid in spring, cool in winters, and refreshing in summers. Densely occupied by eucalyptus trees, these mountains are considered the crown of Australia. Popular spots to see here are Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls, Scenic World, Leura Village, Govert’s Leap and Blackheath and Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens.

Snowy mountains near Canberra

Snowy mountainsCanberra is a lively city, even during harsh winters. Not too far away from Canberra (211 KM) and 492 KM from Sydney the highest mountain range in Australia known as the Snowy Mountains is located. There is a bunch of skiing and other ice-related games. The place is tranquil and adventurous at the same time. Also, there are a number of ski resorts that are waiting for you to visit. To go to these resorts in winter, you will also have to book beforehand. A number of other backcountry activities also take place here every year.

Outdoor enthusiasts come here to play in the fresh, clean atmosphere and have pleasure in activities such as hiking, climbing, water skiing, white water rafting, trekking, and mountain biking. You can also do fishing at the crystalline lakes, rivers, and streams, for example, Lake Jindabyne, among Australia’s finest fishing areas.

Quad bike riding

Quad bike ridingIf you are someone who likes thrill, you must, at least once, ride a quad bike. Glenwoth Valley, Peats Ridge, Stockton Beach are located 1-2.5 hours distance North of Sydney. The best of them is Port Stephen. It has eye-popping beaches, satisfying sands, dunes, pristine waters, national parks, and everything that makes it a place perfect for quad bike riding.

Here at Port Stephen, numerous other activities also take place. Along with riding a quad bike, you can ride a camel or watch dolphins here too. There are over 140 bottlenose dolphins that call this port their home, and watching them so closely is an experience that cannot be described in words.

Jamberoo Action Park in Wollongong

Where Australia has maintained its flora and fauna and incorporated them in national parks and tourist sites, it has also developed modern amusement sights. Jamberoo water theme park is a fun place to visit with family that depicts the state-of-the-art entertainment collection. The tickets to the park are available online at a discount price and save time too. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks, but alcohol is not allowed as it is a family place.

Southern Highlands

This place is one-hour driveway southwest of the city. Even the New South Wales Southern Highlands is a region of rural townships among rolling mountains and country woods. In Bowral, see the Bradman Centre, a cricket museum in honour of Australia’s most renowned player, Sir Donald Bradman. Go shopping for antiques in Dirty Janes, a classic marketplace, or catch a snack at the Mill Café at an enormous old building using a giant cockatoo mural on the walls. Dine on appetizing contemporary Thai food at Mittagong, or check out Berrima, look at shops, and enjoy a beverage at the historical sandstone surveyor-general Inn, built-in 1834.

Byron Bay

It is the home to the marvellous Cape Byron lighthouse and has spectacular beaches, exclusive shopping, and hoteling experiences. A number of multicultural events take place here, Australian lively community spirit is also reflected through the cultural shows taking place here. This beach makes people fall in love with nature.

Taronga Zoo, Dubbo

Taroonga ZooThere are a number of sites that have a variety of flora and fauna and attract tourists. However, most of the tourists are keen to explore these nature’s blessings in a comparatively short span so they can have ample time to explore the cities. The Taronga Zoo, Dubbo is situated at five hours drive from Sydney and is a COVID safe site. The tickets are available online for $44 per person at a discounted price for adults. Be it, adults or children, this place becomes the favourite of most of the tourists who visit it. Nevertheless, if you have already watched or explored flora and fauna around Sydney, you do not need to visit this zoo.

Jervis Bay

Jervis BayIt’s tough to withstand with the very clear turquoise seas and white sand shores of Jervis Bay, three hours southwest of Sydney. This beach is one of the safest & most exquisite in the country, making this place a must-visit for swimming, scuba diving, whale and dolphin watching. Hyams Beach contains several of the whitest sand in the entire world, but make sure you look at the magnificent Huskisson Beach and meet the resident kangaroos of Pebbly Beach.


Mother Nature has blessed Australia with a number of eye-catching natural and manmade amusement sites, which prove to be a treat to sore eyes and tired minds. Some of these places are mentioned above. There is no categorization possible to rank these as best to good as we all have different choices and tastes according to which we decide how we find certain places. Every single place in Australia holds a unique value and takes you a step closer to nature. From playing to activities and observing nature, there is nothing that you will miss in Australia. The aforementioned places will definitely become your favourite once you visit them.

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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