Best tourist destinations in Perth

No doubt, Perth is by far the most secluded capital city in Australia. However, the city boasts about its riches both in the form of natural as well as material beauties. With numerous beautiful beaches and a windy Swan river, the city holds the honour of being a great playground for people who love going on outdoor adventures. Numerous other amazing activities such as fishing, boating and swimming can be enjoyed on all of the beaches of the capital. Amid the city lies the picturesque Kings Park, which tells the story of how heavenly the city is.

Just like Melbourne, Perth also crosses the ranks in being the most livable city on Earth. Despite being a city of industrialism and sprouting skyscrapers, the city flexes its relaxed and refreshing vibe. These heavenly characteristics make it a nice place for tourists to visit. It provides numerous opportunities to its visitors for enjoyment and spending some quality time during their vacations. Here are some of the most popular and enjoyable places you must visit while visiting Perth.

Swan River

Local indigenous people of Perth have a saying that the Swan River was created by the rainbow serpent known as “Waugal”. For people who are merely visiting the place, and for those who are natives, the river provides an excellent opportunity to ease their minds and makes it a perfect spot for having some outdoor fun. Additionally, the Swan River allows its visitors to have picnics by its side, show some biking and hiking skills, and even provide swimming and kayaking opportunities. Apart from this, one can also take a day trip on a cruise while paying a visit to the Swan River.

Kings Park

Kings Park provides an oasis of peace while enjoying the magnificent view of Swan River and the Darling Range. It is one of the largest city parks in the whole world. Apart from this a 1000-acres of this inner-city part comprises natural bushes and is rich in native flora and fauna. Additionally, the Kings Park War Memorial is another place that is worth visiting while taking a tour of Kings Park. The place serves as a tribute to the war heroes. Along with this, while walking through Kings Part, you are allowed to wander through the treetops towards the Lottery west Federation Walkway, which is covered with eucalyptus trees. Kings Park also features some other features such as ponds and play areas.

Cottesloe Beach

People who love bathing under the sun can find lots of beautiful beaches in Perth. Cottesloe is one of those beaches that has gained popularity in and out of Australia because of its mesmerizing café culture and clear waters. The beach is located a 15-minute drive away from the city centre and provides uncountable opportunities to its visitors. The place is not overcrowded with people because there are plenty of other beaches nearby, making it a perfect choice for fun family day trips.

The Perth Mint

The place is popular both among children and elders because it allows a glimpse into the history of gold in Australia. It provides a fascinating chance to everyone by displaying its Gold Exhibition, which entails displaying the world’s largest coin. Apart from this, the event also offers opportunities to its visitors to lay their eyes on the gold nuggets and bullion. While visiting the Perth Mint, one can visit the 1899 melting house, where you can see pure gold being poured to form a solid bar. Apart from this, the guides will also provide you with a fascinating insight into when the gold was discovered in the Area.

Perth Zoo

It is just a three kilometres drive away from the city centre and is solely contributed towards wildlife. The place provides delight and spreads happiness to its visitors since 1898, which makes it worth visiting. People who are non-native and are only visiting Perth during vacations must visit the Perth Zoo as it has some unique animals inside it. The all-time favourites such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats and Tasmanian devils call the Perth Zoo their home. Additionally, the Perth Zoo allows its visitors to feed the giraffes and enjoy an elephant show. The place can be easily accessed by a bike, car, bus or train. Apart from this, one also has the option to hop on a ferry to visit the place.

State War Memorial

The place is located on Mount Eliza, which shadows Perth Water. The place commemorates and pays tribute to every Australian National who die during the service or was killed in war or any conflict in which Australia was involved. It was originally unveiled to pay tribute to heroes who died in World War One. The place is visited by more than 50 thousand visitors from all the countries of the world and provides an insight into Australian history. Apart from this, numerous other ceremonies are held at the state war memorial every year.

The Bell Tower

The bell tower is similar to an alien spacecraft or space rocket and is situated in Barrack square. The place serves as the keeper of the world’s biggest musical instruments. Although it is shaped to give a feel of space-age, it contains 14th-century bells from Saint Martin. (Parish church of London’s Buckingham Palace). Upon your visit to the Bell Tower, don’t forget to appreciate the 360 views of the city and go to the open-air deck on the 6th floor to take a glance at the Swan River. The place is easily accessible on foot and is situated about five minutes from the CBD. Apart from this, the riverfront precinct “Elizabeth Quay” is nearby, boasting about its restaurant and entertainment spots.

Aviation Heritage Museum

It doesn’t matter if you are into warplanes or not; the place will equally amaze you. Aviation Heritage Museum is one of those places in Perth that boasts about its magnificent material beauty. One starts thinking about the supremacy of the human brain while visiting the place because the museum proudly displays some of the finest aircraft that has ever been flown. The place is situated about 15 kilometres south of Perth and displays thousands of artifacts and over thirty warplanes. If you are visiting Perth, we recommend you to visit the place while you are there.

Hillary’s Boat Harbour

Around 20 km northwest of Perth, Hillary’s Boat Harbour is a broad marina with cafés, shops, and family spots. The most attractive place that attracts most visitors to the place is the Aquarium of Western Australia. One can go under the water through a glass tunnel and observe hundreds of species of marine life. The place also has bike paths, parks and sheltered beaches to allow the visitors to enjoy and relax during their visit. If you want to go towards Rottnest Island from here, luckily, you can hop on a ferry from here.

AQWA – Under Water World

The place is situated about 20 minutes away from the centre of the city and is the most attractive place for tourists. For thirty years, the place has been the top spot for visitors and is located on the lapping shores of the ocean. The place is home to more than 40 stunning exhibits and boasts about Australia’s largest single aquarium. If you are a person who is interested in marine life, then this is just the place for you. Now is the time to get closer to sharks and turtles because the place is open for tourists again.

Apart from these places, there are countless other places that you must visit while you visit Perth. It is the most isolated cities on the earth, yet contains some of the finest and attractive places on all seven continents. Some of the places that are worth visiting include Cape Le Grand National Park, Margaret River, Ningaloo Reef, and the Horizontal falls in the Kimberley Region. If you are visiting Perth for the first time, the most convenient and affordable place for you to stay will be the city centre near the Swan River. The place is convenient for those who are planning on using public transport while visiting these places.


Perth has some of the most fantastic shopping malls and dining places that are just a few minutes walk away from the city centre. Apart from this, the city boasts about its art gallery, which demands your visit while you are on tour to Perth. Additionally, some of the most attractive places include the Western Australian Museum, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and Kings Park. If you are planning to visit Perth anytime soon, you should consider visiting these places because they are the heart and soul of Australia. Besides, who wants to miss the real beauty and natural places while visiting such a heavenly place. It is recommended that while your stay in Perth, spend some time visiting each place and enjoy without worrying about anything else. Happy Vacations!

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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