Careers in the Australian Construction Industry

Careers in the Australian construction industry have to do with construction, renovation, demolition, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. Thus, it covers a range of different services including planning, surveying, actual construction, and even painting and decorating. This industry is worth over 360 Billion USD in revenue and generates about 9% of Australia’s GDP. It is also expected to grow by an annual rate of 2.4% over the next five years

But why opt for a career in the Australian construction industry?

Oh, we thought you’d never ask!
• We see a bright future from the point of job stability because it’s a steadily growing sector brimming with exciting opportunities.
• Jobs in the construction industry are so in-demand that salaries are actually on the rise.
• The Australian construction industry is pretty modern and is equipped with the latest technology like mobile construction software, document management systems, mapping software and even AI! Skilled workers in the field are also operating some of the most sophisticated machines in the industry.
• The working environment is pretty diverse and the labour market is changing quite a bit, such as to include more women.
• Construction workers have been labelled as some of the happiest employees because these non-traditional jobs have very high worker satisfaction.

So, now that you know what a career in the Australian construction industry has to offer, let’s consider all the different job options you’ll have!

#1 Carpenters

The future is bright for carpenters in Australia, and thus, students, especially international students, should definitely consider this an option. Not only does it offer a stable job with ample opportunity to grow, but it is also sufficiently well-paying. According to Indeed, you can expect to earn somewhere between 1300 and 1400 AUD a week. And to strengthen your chances of finding a job, you can get Certificate III in Carpentry.

#2 Plumbers

The plumbing market is growing at around 5% and with an average hourly wage of 44 AUD, it is a pretty rewarding profession. Plumbers install water supply lines, appliances, waste disposal systems and fixtures for industrial, commercial and even residential projects. Plus, service maintenance is a pretty big part of what they do as well. Plumbing contracts are generally long-term which ensures a steady flow of income. You can expect to earn around up to 1500 AUD per week. However, becoming a successful plumber in Australia isn’t all that easy! You should have a mechanical aptitude, problem-solving abilities and good coordination. But most importantly, you should be licensed and certified. You will need a diploma, vocational training, and a 4-5 year apprenticeship before you can start working as a plumber in Australia- however, it is really worth it!

#3 Bricklayers

As an international student, Australia has a world of opportunities for you, especially in the construction industry. And there is actually a shortage of bricklayers in Australia. Overall, the demand is pretty high but you’ll need the proper qualification to start working. You must possess Certificate III to work as a full-time Australian bricklayer. The Australian Skills Recognition service has all the information regarding qualification assessment, skills and experience. And you get to earn at least 65 k AUD a year, and 30 AUD an hour, according to Indeed.

#4 Civil Engineers

Do you want to pursue a career in the Australian construction industry without having to frequent the construction site all the time?

Well then, civil engineering is your go-to! Civil engineers don’t have to work on the job site, they are usually inside offices and trailers. They are responsible for designing and supervising construction work such as that of roads, bridges, tunnels, sewage systems, and much more. They are expected to grow by at least 8% in the near future and boast an average annual salary of 88, 570 AUD. Of course, you will need to have an undergraduate degree in civil engineering but you can earn close to 2000 AUD a week– and what more can you ask for, really? Hence, as long as you possess the required mental abilities, strong decision-making skills, good organizational habits, and leadership qualities, you can do well as a civil engineer in Australia.

#5 Project Managers

Construction project managers oversee different construction projects from start-up to close out including everything in between- planning, budgeting and coordination. Thus, to be a successful project manager, you must have great problem-solving abilities, good budgeting and organizational skills, negotiation skills, and of course, strong leadership skills. To start, you should have a degree in surveying, construction management, construction engineering, or civil engineering. Also, most people start off as project engineers before they climb up to the position of project manager. But the good thing is that you can earn around 120,000 AUD annually, or 2500 AUD weekly working as a project manager in Australia.

#6 Electricians

The field of electricians is expected to grow by almost 9% by 2030, and so the sector is rich with opportunity! But not so fast- because to be an electrician, you must have a diploma, additional training and like 5 years of apprenticeship. So, getting a license and certification is the first thing to do if you’re considering a career in the Australian construction industry. You should be highly mechanical, adaptable, a good problem-solver, have excellent customer-interfacing skills and have high standards of safety. On average, you can make somewhere between 40 and 50 AUD an hour according to Indeed. Your job would include installing, designing and maintaining the electrical wiring and equipment in different facilities. And just like plumbing, most of the electric work is also maintenance-based.

#7 Glaziers

Glaziers must have physical strength and stamina as well as mathematical skills and material knowledge to do their job, which mainly includes installing glass in storefronts, windows and other displays. They need both creative skills and technical expertise to do what they do, and hence, they need Certificate III or Diploma in Glass and Glazing, to work as glaziers in Australia. Plus, of course, they should receive adequate apprenticeship before they’re ready to work on their own. Fortunately, the job pays well at approximately 35 AUD an hour, and the field is also expected to grow by some 5%- so there are loads of opportunities!

#8 Wind Turbine Technicians

This is one of the fastest-growing careers in the Australian construction industry because of the growing popularity of renewable energy resources. And to work as a wind turbine technician, you should hold a registered worker’s license electrical as a contractor or supervisor. And they earn 1800 AUD or so a week, so no wonder young students are so interested in this field! As a wind turbine technician, you should have good mechanical skills, troubleshooting skills, strong written and oral communication skills, be physically fit, and you should not be afraid of heights.

#10 Painters

Painters are the most artistic workers in the construction industry, without a doubt. The daily tasks of a painter include adding essential decorations to the building, removing old paint, using various tools such as brush, roll or spraying to paint on the surfaces and cleaning the work area after the task is done. Even though a painting job looks easy, it is a considerably physically demanding job. However, it is equally rewarding as an experienced painter can get around 1400 AUD per week. To become a painter in Australia, it is best to start by completing Certificate III in Painting and Decorating.


If you’re an international student looking for job prospects in Australia, then we recommend looking into careers in the Australian construction industry. It would be an excellent choice in terms of financial and overall job stability. The job market in Australia is thriving and the construction industry is only expected to grow, thus this is one of the best options for international students. So, consult our list of careers in the Australian construction industry, and make sure to acquire the right skills and certifications during your education in order to be able to pursue the life and career of your dreams!

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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