Changes in PTE academic test – 2021 [Updated]

Pearson has announced few changes in its PTE academic test. The changes will be effective from November 16th, 2021. So, for the test takers who are appearing for the exam before this date will not notice any changes.

According to Pearson’s official page, they want to improve the test and make it effective and better. As a part of the update, the test will become shorter. At the moment, the total time of the PTE academic test is around 3 hours which will now get shortened to 2 hours. Pearson believes that it will not impact the efficiency of the test takers but this will be much easier for them. Even though they have not released the final format officially, below-mentioned are the changes they announced.

Changes in Pte Academic test

So, what is going to change?

1. Fewer questions and quicker tests: As mentioned earlier, the total duration will be 2 hours instead of 3 hours. There will be fewer questions per sub-section. Currently, the number of questions they ask is 70 – 82, which will be reduced to 52 – 64. Isn’t that great?

2. Optional break removed: Pearson used to give a 10-minute optional break to the test takers which they have announced to remove, making the test even shorter.

So, what is not changing?

1. The way you prepare for the exam

2. The difficulty level of the test

3. Your score requirements to get admission in universities

4. Your score requirements to be eligible to get certain points towards permanent residency

5. Number of sections and sub-sections

Is it good news for the test-takers?

The short answer is – yes. Well, the result always depends upon the preparedness of the test taker and how hard the person has studied, shorter test along with fewer questions to answer makes the exam less stressful and you can finish it quickly. No more 3-hours long headache.

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