Colleges that are not affiliated with any university

Even though Australian is home to many universities, there are still many educational institutions that offer tertiary education but are not affiliated with any of the universities. These institutions provide their own courses that are CRICOS (acronym used for Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered. To search the validity of your course provider, please refer to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s website.

Some of these institutions are:

Institution nameDescription
TAFETAFE is an education provider located in almost all states of Australia. TAFE offers a wide range of trade courses that domestic and international students can pursue. TAFE colleges are owned, operated and financed by various state and territory governments.
CITCIT Canberra is an education provider located in Canberra, ACT. Since ACT does not have any TAFE colleges, CIT can be considered as an alternative to TAFE colleges as it is also owned and operated by the ACT state government.
Holmes InstituteHolmes is one of the oldest education providers in Australia. It offers its own courses and are CRICOS registered any of the institutes listed in this table.
Group Colleges AustraliaGCA also provides business courses and it is primarily located in Sydney.
KOIKOI (King’s Own Institute) is a fairly new educational institution in this list. It offers IT, TESOL and business-related courses such as Management and Accounting.
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