Common courses

Australian universities offer hundreds of courses but only few of these courses are more popular due to various reasons. The most important reason for any student to pursue a degree is to get good job that has high salary and has stable career outcome. As per international students in Australia, they also seek permanent residency after graduation. So, if you want to get residency in Australia, you might want to pursue a course that leads you to permanent residency.

CourseLeads to PR (*subject to change)
Bachelors/Masters in Information Technology/Information SystemYes
Bachelors/Masters in AccountingYes
Bachelors/Masters in ManagementDepends (Check with your agent or Home Affairs website)
Bachelors/Masters in NursingYes
Certificate IV in commercial cookery with Diploma in HospitalityMay need experience
Diploma in child careCheck with your agent or Home Affairs website
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USA vs Australia for the international students

USA vs Australia for the international students
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