How to get noticed on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is by far the most expansive and most professional social network on the internet. By using LinkedIn, fresh graduates can acquire a job or an internship. They can also strengthen their professional relationships and gain the skills that they need to succeed in their career. On top of that, it is the only professional network that is legitimate and helps people in real life. One can gain access to LinkedIn from a desktop PC or through a mobile application. A complete LinkedIn profile could help people in benefiting from opportunities that might be coming their way.

Why is it essential for graduates to be on LinkedIn?

Every graduate must be on LinkedIn because it is always regarded and praised as a “Facebook for professionals.” The graduates must be on LinkedIn because many recruiting agencies use LinkedIn to find the right candidate for their clients and get to know them more deeply. The best thing about being on LinkedIn is that the whole profile of one person is distinct from the other, unlike the case with CV’s which are almost the same. LinkedIn allows the recruiters to have a more personable approach to the recruitment process. On top of that, LinkedIn allows the recruiters to see the interests of the graduates and their employment history. Hiring and conducting interviews come at later stages; firstly, the graduates have to pass the likeness test of recruiters. LinkedIn itself is a powerful tool for graduates who want to get in touch with employers and agencies from all over the world.

How can graduates use LinkedIn to get noticed?

The first and foremost thing that a graduate must do is to make a profile and complete it from the first step to the last step. And everything that the graduate updates on it must be up-to-date. A graduate has to put everything relevant to his career path on LinkedIn to land a job quickly. Every little bit of information will more likely add value to the personal profile. It will make it quicker for the recruiters to see you. If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, here are some tips that you need to follow;

  • You must add a professional picture and avoid blurry images or with foreign backgrounds other than blue or white. Avoid posting pictures of your boys’ night out parties, of a wedding, or even a selfie. You should always be professional on LinkedIn, and that is why you must post a headshot with a plain background picture. The best tip to get a bright picture is to put a white paper on your lap to get some help with the lighting.

  • You must post everything professional that is related to you or the kind of job that you desire. Everything from where you studied and grades to the courses you took must be up on LinkedIn. Your profile will only stand out if you will make some major changes. Keep in mind that it is all about how your profile looks.

  • Another tip for getting noticed on LinkedIn is to add the previous employment details. Most people just post a small 2-liner about where they worked and their designation while leaving out the critical information. You will only get exposure if you write about what you did there and how you like it. Write as much relevant information as you can; even if you did an internship somewhere, it should go up there like you saved the company from bankruptcy.

  • Your bio-data form must be unique and contain everything that gives out a more personal feeling. Meaning that your bio must not be more than 150 words, but it must encompass everything that makes it easier for the recruiting agencies to assess you better. You should not refrain from adding your personal interests, your hobbies, and what do you want to achieve in life. All of these things are mandatory if you want to get noticed by some of the best recruiters from all over the world.

  • Always add media where it is possible. If you have a portfolio, don’t shy away from adding its link in your bio. If you have for your study or new discovery ever been published in a newspaper, always add it to your profile. These little things are so advantageous for people who are aspiring to achieve something big.

  • Endorsements and references really work like a charm. Always ask people to endorse you based on your skills, and always make sure that they write a quick reference whenever they can. These things go a long way and really brighten up your image in front of the recruitment agency or a company’s HR department.

How to use LinkedIn effectively?

Suppose you are a graduate and want to make the most out of LinkedIn. In that case, you should always have a complete LinkedIn profile, and you must get in contact with other users from LinkedIn. On top of that, you must not shy away from endorsing and recommending each other. Additionally, to effectively use LinkedIn, you must join the LinkedIn groups to share ideas and industry-related news. Do not self-promote yourself on LinkedIn, instead show your expertise in what you can do. If you really want someone to look at your profile, you must always post content that is engaging or is only meant for LinkedIn.

The world is full of possibilities and opportunities. That is why you should always look for new hires or new opportunities. Don’t just stick to one job; switching from one job to another is necessary if you really want to make your mark and earn some handsome amount of cash. Now, the last and the most important thing to do on LinkedIn is to observe professional etiquette on LinkedIn. Avoid posting material as you do on Facebook, and you are good to go. Always remember that honesty is the best policy, and that is why you should remain honest and avoid overselling yourself at all costs. Happy Job Hunting!

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