Most affordable used cars in Australia – 2021

Life is moving rampantly and securing a bright future is something everyone is struggling for. In this struggle, one has to give up many comforts. If you live in Australia as a worker or a student, the cost-cutting must be a relevant term in your daily life. Living in Australia is not easy, especially when you do not have a car. You never want to reach late in your super important meeting, miss a class or a presentation. Having your car in Australia is a need besides luxury. Buying a new car would cost you your entire pocket money or even more. So, the best solution to this problem is to buy a second-hand car. But what if you end up having a cheap vehicle but had less passenger capacity, space, and fuel-inefficient? This sounds like a nightmare. Here we are, to help you find your affordable, fuel-efficient, and reliable car to help you sustain a better lifestyle in Australia.

Here are our top picks recommending you cars under $5000, as getting the car registered and insured will cost you an additional handsome amount. Furthermore, no SUVs will be mentioned in this article as they cost a lot more than a student-friendly budget.

1. Toyota Camry

Second hand Toyota Camry models launched in the span of 2003-2012 will cost you up to $5000. This car is not only fuel-efficient but also provides you with ample space. It is considered best for students; they may pool in and plan a holiday in their free time. Workers can join up with their office teams and move on a luncheon or get together. Toyota has a reputation across the globe and never disappoints its users. A car of the said models can jump up to a speed from 0-100 km/h in 12.3 seconds in terms of speed. The engine is 2000 cc plus in all models. The sound system has four speakers to provide you with the daily entertainment dose.


The interior is comfortable, and mirrors are electrically operated. Wasn’t that all you were looking for?


Lacking in features

2. Honda Accord

Another efficient and reliable second-hand car available for under $5000 is the 2000 Honda Accord. This five-seater four-door has a 2997cc engine. Its acceleration shifts from 0-100 km/h in merely 8.6 seconds. This petrol-driven car has a fuel capacity of 65L. In every 8.5L of petrol, it covers a distance of 100km in a suburban area. In contrast, the maximum fuel distance covered by a full tank of gasoline is 565 km. In terms of safety, this car also has two front airbags to keep you secure every time you drive. The sound system has six speakers and a CD player.


This car has in-built cruise control to assist you during long drives.


Its door sills are wide and set high.

3. Suzuki Swift

If you are looking for a relatively modern car and prefer Japanese vehicles, Suzuki Swift 2006 is the car you are looking for. An average second-hand Swift would cost you around $5000, exclusive of the government fee. This super fuel-efficient car covers 100km in 7.5L of fuel. It has a 1600cc engine that makes it a less energy-consuming ride. The fuel capacity is 43L, and with a tank full of fuel, one can cover an average distance of 573km. Its six-speaker sound system supports MP3 decoder and Bluetooth connectivity and a CD player fitted in the exterior and interior reflect comfort.

The air filter is made up of fine quality, and the air conditioning system has a pollen filter, which makes it the most appropriate car for people who have developed pollen allergies. It has a five-seat capacity and second-row seats and be folded to double trunk storage instantly.


This car provides comfort at a relatively cheaper cost.


Manual doesn’t get LED headlights

4. Kia Rio LX

Another cost-efficient ride under $5000 is Kia Rio LX Manual 2009. It has a 1400cc engine that makes it consume less fuel and covers more distance. Its 45L fuel tank can cover an average distance of 675km. This car has a durable sound system to help you overcome boredom and bad mood.


This also has a 5 green star rating, which makes it an environment-friendly vehicle. It also comes with dual airbags.


It requires a service every 12 months and fuel efficiency is also not too excellent.

5. Honda Jazz GLI

In the list of these durable vehicles, Honda Jazz GLI Manual 2008 is a car you can easily find for under $7000. It has a 1350cc engine and a fuel tank capacity of 42L. Its low power engine consumes relatively less fuel, i.e., a full fuel tank covers 725 km of distance on average. The windows and windscreen are heat insulated and coupled with a state-of-the-art air conditioning system, which makes all those hot summer drives a breeze. There are cup holders in the first and second row, and tail lights are LEDs.


The exterior is modern, and the interior is exceptionally comfortable.


Its maintenance cost is high.

6. Toyota Yaris

Next on the list come Toyota Yaris 2006. This car has a 42L petrol tank that covers 100 km in 6.1L of fuel. The engine power is 1450cc. This Japanese vehicle craft was launched in 2005 and received immensely positive feedback from the automobile markets across the globe. It offers vanity mirrors for the driver and the first-row passenger; fog lamps make it easy to drive in misty and foggy weather. Second-row seats can be split or folded as a whole to enhance trunk storage space. The mirrors are electrically powered, and the car is a comfortable one as a whole. This car can be found in good second-hand condition for under $5000.


Easy to drive


A bit restricted for space

7. Hyundai Elantra

Another four doors, five-seater sedan body car that one can find under a budget of $5000 is Hyundai Elantra 2008. This car can cover 100km in 7.1L of petrol while the fuel capacity is 53L. The engine has 2000cc power along with four cylinders and powerful torque. It also has an engine immobilizer alarm that adds an extra anti-theft feature. The second-row seats can be split folded; mirrors are electrically powered and heated, pollen filter, cruise control, sunglasses holder, illuminated vanity mirrors, and remote-based locking system are some of its exquisite features.


This is the safest car that has been mentioned in our list as it has six airbags fitted across its interior.


This car does not deliver a captivating performance.


We drafted this list after a long process of research and feedback study. You may not like the cars suggested above, but we recommend some tips while buying a second-hand car. You should opt for Japanese cars instead of American or European ones to buy a used car. Japan made cars are cheaper and durable as compared to the other two types. Plus, they are inexpensive when bought second hand, require less service, and do not break down easily. We hope you find the comfiest car in your budget.

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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