Moving to Canberra – Things you need to know

Besides politics, museums and state of the art airports, capital cities hold better career opportunities, a more refined lifestyle, more entertainment and greater facilities. The same is true about the Australian capital, Canberra. For the same reason, most of the graduates in Australia move to the capital to either get ACT state sponsorship or to find economic opportunities that are a step ahead of other states. This city of lights is 814 square kilometres, and the population is under 5,00,000 people, this provides a pool of jobs for the fresh graduates along with more frequent slots of permanent residency. Around 73% of the population uses English for conversation and people are friendly, which happens to be a facility most foreign graduates in Australia look for.

Public Transport

As mentioned above, capitals often offer better facilities. Canberra has an efficient public transport system that is relatively cheaper than an Uber or taxi. Transport Canberra operates across the city. There are light rails and public buses that are cost-effective. However, the light rail service operates only between two major parts of the city – Gungahlin and Civic. You have to either catch a public bus, taxi or Uber if you need to travel to other areas of the city. The best thing about this service is that it offers half fare to students; the proofs of concession are to be carried when redeeming the discounts. There are no exclusive transport cards that need to be taken all the time, to pay for the fares, one can pay by cash directly.

To commute to other parts of Canberra one has to use one’s car, a taxi or an Uber. There is also a taxi sharing service in Canberra that costs comparatively less than fully private transport. Furthermore, private shuttles have a capacity of 8 seats and are exclusively booked to drop you and your family or friends off at your desired destination. However, students do not use private buses usually but it has been seen that they prefer either public buses, Uber or private cars to commute.

Places to Visit

There are beautiful places in Canberra where you can spend some time relieving and calming your inner self. There is a wide range of places to discover, be it natural scenery, a historical place or a club where you can chill with your friends; all are available in Canberra. Australian War Museum, the New Parliament House, the old Parliament House, Questacon – National Science and Technology Centre and the National Portrait Gallery are the informational places to see and collect intellect. The Australian capital also has a lake famously known as Lake Burley Griffin that has become a point of attraction for tourists. It is an artificial lake and offers activities like fishing, paddling and sailing. There are a bunch of other wonderful pieces of earthly scenic beauties. The parks, local pubs and clubs in the city are refreshing and full of entertainment. National Zoo and Aquarium are the best places to discover nature in Canberra.

No one can live a colourful life without shopping. So, Canberra has a number of enormous shopping malls that offer almost everything on the Earth to shop. Canberra Centre, Westfield Belconnen, Hyperdome Tuggeranong and Westfield Woden are the five best malls that one must visit in Canberra. Supabarn and Aldi are the supermarkets with the broadest range of grocery products, international ingredients and fruits that one might be looking for in Canberra.

Events in Canberra

Besides shopping and places to visit in Canberra, there are a number of events of a vast variety that frequently happen in Canberra. Floriade is an event that is the hallmark of Canberra’s festivity. An annually celebrated month-long flower displaying event that entertains the eyes of the locals and foreign and domestic tourists. This colourful festival is hosted in Commonwealth Park every year, and free entry makes it more enjoyable. Another car festival that takes place every year is Summernats, which is being held since 1987.

The National Folk Festival and Multicultural Festival are also worth mentioning here. Another festival that colours the sky every year is the Balloon Spectacular, a hot air balloon festival in the lawn area of the previous Parliament House. It goes on for a whole week, and creative floats roam over the sky. Anzac Day is a famous event for paying tribute to Australian and New Zealand soldiers. A number of concerts, food festivals, exhibitions, symposiums and conferences take place in the city.

Jobs in Canberra

As Canberra has more population and facilities, it also has more jobs whose nature is similar to other cities in the country. Most of the multinational firms operating across Australia have their head offices established in the heart of the capital. One can find a job as a banker, an event manager, a tutor or even join a reputed platform as a temporary intern whose job is likely to be made permanent after a probation period as a lawyer, engineer, or pharmacist as per your qualification.

There are wonderful job opportunities for skilled individuals; Canberra has the most modern and stylish population. A hairstylist in the city can earn equal to the CEO of a local company. Fashion designers can collaborate and initiate their new business or assist a well-known fashion brand. The easiest job to score in Canberra is joining the Uber service, as all it requires is a driving license and a full year of driving experience in the city.

Generally, jobs at stores’ bill counters, waiters, baristas, chefs, assistants in nursing and taxi drivers are abundantly found to earn a living in this big city. This was all if you are a beginner; however, Canberra welcomes you happily if you are a highly skilled and qualified person. All the international companies, pharmaceutical industry, engineering consultancies and educational institutions would welcome you like nowhere else and offer you a handsome salary.


Despite being the capital, Canberra does not have a lot of population accommodating it, making it a relatively relaxed city to dwell in. It is geographically located between Sydney and Melbourne. People generally feel comfortable moving to Canberra after graduation to earn a living or get a permanent residency through state sponsorship. It is a city full of life and activities and has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to explore its beauty, facilities and opportunities.

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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