Moving to Darwin? Things you need to know

International graduates move to Darwin amongst other numerous cities in the Northern Territory in search of permanent residency once they graduate from their respective universities. Why do they want to make Northern Areas their home? There is a simple answer for that. Northern territory gives leverage to international students by allowing permanent residency under the 491-visa category. The city of Darwin is located on a high point of land that overlooks the Darwin Harbour and is inhabited by humans for more than a thousand years. It is one of the less populated areas in Australia. However, it is the largest city in the whole northern territory. Despite being less populated, Darwin city is known as a hub of employment, especially for those fresh graduates who want to start their career by pursuing mining, defence force, and tourism.

Why move to Darwin?

You should consider moving to Darwin for permanent residency. It is one of those places in Australia that offers permanent residency to outsiders without any restraints. If you have a 491 Skilled Worker Visa, you can easily make Darwin your permanent home. The visa allows the skilled workers to migrate to some parts of Australia for no more than five years. Moving to Darwin has its benefits, such as cheaper housing and a low population. The only drawback to moving to this city is that it lacks opportunities for fresh graduates. The city gives a warm welcome to only those who want to pursue their mining, defence force, and tourism career.

Living expense in Darwin

If you are single and want to reside in Darwin, here are some day-to-day expenses that you will spend to make ends meet. First of all, a simple meal will cost you between 20 to 30  A$, and a domestic beer costs 8 A$. A litre of milk will cost you 1.56 A$, while a dozen eggs will cost you 5.75 A$. A one-way ticket on local transport is as low as 3 A$, but if you want to get a weekly pass for travelling, the whole cost will be 20 A$. The basic utility cost for an apartment is between 100 to 300 A$ per month. Let’s talk about the rent. An apartment of 2-bedroom in the Greater Darwin region is being rented for 250 A$ per week.

Jobs in Darwin

Getting a job in Darwin is difficult if you don’t have a background in mining, tourism and the defence force, but it isn’t impossible. If you really want to land a job in Darwin, you should consider surfing the internet for that purpose. Job portals like indeed and seek are pretty popular in Darwin as these portals have the most legitimate jobs listed for fresh graduates. On the other hand, if you have friends or family in Darwin, you can ask them about the current openings in their area. Additionally, if you are on a job hunt, you can go from store to store and ask if there are any current openings. Here are some important links to the job portals if you seek a job while residing in Darwin:

Jobs in Darwin NT (with Salaries) | AustraliaJobs in All Darwin NT – SEEK.

Public transportation in Darwin

If you want to go here and there while residing in Darwin, you have plenty of transport choices to choose from. You can consider buying single tickets or can go for a weekly pass. Transport by bus is the most popular way of travelling around Darwin, as it is a vast city. Still, the options aren’t limited to these only. You can always ask for a taxi or a private cab service when needed. Apart from this, graduates in Darwin are encouraged to buy their own car for their personal day-to-day needs.

Places to visit

Though Darwin is not a densely populated area, this doesn’t mean that it is not a fun place to visit or make it your permanent home. There are plenty of places to visit in Darwin, and all of these places have their own charm. The Museum and Art Gallery of the northern territory is the most amazing place to visit on weekends. It has some of the most beautiful handcrafted crafts for you to see. After visiting the museum, you can consider visiting Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Or you could go to Stokes Hill Wharf to spend some quality time swimming in the pool. If you like crocodiles, you can visit the Crocosaurus Cove. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the warm tropical evenings of Darwin, consider spending some time on a sunset dinner cruise and go for traditional fishing. There are numerous other popular places for you to visit other than the discussed above.

Festivals and events in Darwin

If you are a person who lives on dreaming about sunsets and palm trees, then Darwin is the city for you. The Darwin City takes pride in presenting Darwin Fringe Festival celebrated from 2-11 July every year. Additionally, Comedy Garden is another event that happens around this time of the year (you will be laughing for days). The Darwin Festival and Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair are some other notable events that keep the residents of Darwin engaged while spreading happiness and joy. If you love spending some time on the grill, the BAR-BQ Lot Festival is meant only for you, celebrated with great enthusiasm, and the locals make sure that everyone’s belly is full.

Bottom line

Darwin is one of those places that are popular for its serenity and calmness. It is one of those cities that one dreams about because it is not so densely populated, has some of the best sunset views and, most notably, palm trees. Additionally, the city is pretty lenient for international students and allows them to reside under the 491 Visa category. So, if you are still thinking about making the city your home, you should stop thinking and give the thought a green signal.

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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