Moving to Hobart? Things you need to know

After getting a degree from a tertiary institution in Tasmania or any other state, many graduates want to make Hobart their permanent home. The population of Tasmania is increasing day by day, as international graduates are flocking towards Hobart, and the basic reason behind such influx in immigration is that Tasmania is the most liveable, laid-back and magnificent state in Australia. Besides, Hobart boasts about its great public transport, breathtaking cultural events, and picturesque scenery. Nevertheless, acquiring a permanent residency in the city can be trickier for people who have not done their homework. Tasmania makes it easier to get permanent residency in the 491-visa category. This means that if you are a foreign graduate and want to make Hobart their permanent home, you have to apply for the visa under the 491-Visa category.

Why move to Tasmania?

Tasmania is heaven for those who want a perfect sea-change or tree-change location. Besides this, the state offers affordable housing for everyone and is all about stunning natural beauty. Additionally, life is pretty slow around the whole state, and if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle, and want some thriving food and wine scene, Tasmania should be your top choice.

If you are a graduate and are interested in living in Tasmania, then you should know that you could turn your dream into a reality by applying for Subclass 491-Skilled Work Regional Visa. It is a provisional visa for skilled workers, which allows them to live and work in the state for up to 5 years. Additionally, if you want to apply for a permanent residency, then you should know that permanent residency in Tasmania can only be acquired through the Subclass-191-Visa, under the conditions that you must have lived in the state for at least three years, and meet the minimum criteria of taxable income set by the Department of Home Affairs.

The only drawback to moving to Tasmania is that it does not encompass many opportunities. Though the state is a land of hope and stunning natural aesthetics, still it isn’t a pleasant place for someone who has high aspirations.

Living expenses in Hobart

Although, Hobart is affordable when it comes to housing, there are some other expenses too, that you have to take into account if you want to move to Hobart. The basic lunchtime menu including a drink would cost you AU$21, while the combo meal alone, in a fast-food restaurant, would cost you AU$11. Weekly rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in an expensive area can go as high as AU$900, while in the normal area, it can be as lower as AU$200. Groceries and apparel costs can vary from around AU$80 to AU$178. When it comes to buying a new car, a brand new Toyota RAV4 SUV with automatic transmission will cost you around AU$41,465, but if you prefer to use a public transportation option, a weekly ticket for public transport will be between AU$35 to AU$50. Keep in mind that there is personal care, entertainment, and other relevant costs too. That is why you need to keep in check and calculate all of these expenses and give yourself a thought about a stable income stream before you make any decision.

Jobs in Hobart

After you have thought about a viable and stable income stream, you should think about getting a job in Hobart. Getting a job in the city is mandatory if you need to cover your expenses. You can use numerous websites if you want to land a permanent position in any role. Some of the most popular job posting websites are Indeed, Jora, and Seek.

Apart from these, if you have any friends or family in the city, you can ask them to help you in getting a position somewhere. Additionally, you can also go from store to store, ask them about the possible opening positions, and drop your resume.

If you have recently graduated, then we recommend that you make a profile on LinkedIn. It is a professional career portal, and you will make some great connections there. Moreover, who knows what the future might hold for you.

It is not hard to land a job in Hobart, but it is not as easy as you might expect. If you have a set of skills or are good at what you do, there is a higher chance that you will be successful in scoring a job earlier than other people’s score. Hobart is presently interested in numerous skills including receptionists, storekeepers, managers, sales representatives, and more interestingly, these jobs do not require any previous experience. All you have to do is dig deeper on job portals such as Indeed, Jora, and Seek.

Public transportation in Hobart

Public transportation in Hobart is feasible for everyone. Although the city is quite smaller than other cities of Australia, there are plenty of transport options available for everyone. One can choose from travelling by foot to driving to taking a bus. If you prefer to go by bus, you should get a Metro Green card, or acquire single tickets for that purpose. The most important thing to note here is that if you acquire a Green card you will get a 20% discount on all kinds of fares. If we compare the fare rates of Hobart to other cities of the Tasmanian state, the city is doing well in the transport sector. As mentioned earlier, Hobart is affordable for everyone. If you have secured a full-time job in Hobart recently and do not want to take a public bus, you have the option to purchase a car.

Places to visit

Hobart is a vibrant capital of Tasmania, which boasts about its many tourist attractions. It is rich in history and culture, and has some of the breathtaking and fascinating pieces of architecture, has some of the finest museums and galleries. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of the city include Salamanca Place and Market, Port Arthur, Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Battery Point Sculpture Trail, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart Convict Penitentiary, Bruny Island, and Tasman Bridge. Living in Hobart is a royalty, which you should not miss. It is the most southerly city of Australia, and being the heart of Tasmania, it is always vibrant and magnificent. That is why you should consider moving there and make yourself comfortable because living in Hobart is affordable and luxurious at the same time.

Events and festivals in Hobart

Living in Hobart can become exciting for anyone who wants to make it his or her forever home. The reason behind it is that there are many art events and festivals that happen throughout the year. The prominent events include the “festival of voices” which is pure fun as it includes singing and other vocal traditions. “Ten Days on the Island” is another festival that is celebrated in the whole state. Mona Foma is celebrated throughout the state too, and it is hard to categorise as it includes singing, dance, art, music, and various other kinds of entertainment. There are plenty of other events that happen in the city throughout the year. This means that there will not be the slightest chance that you will get bore at home when plenty of this is happening all around you.


There are many facts that you need to keep in mind before you make a move and start packing things. Hobart is a land of festivity, cherished and affordable infrastructure. It can be the best choice for international students and fresh graduates who want to make the city their permanent home. The weather of the city keeps changing which means that if you do not like the sun blazing on your face, after five minutes clouds will appear. Besides this, it is not hard for someone to go from one place to another, thanks to the affordable transport service. The living expenses in the city are all right because the inflation rate is considerably low in Hobart as compared to others. Tasmania is a beautiful state, and Hobart is the heart of it. Additionally, there are plenty of incredibly beautiful events and other festivals celebrated in the city. Hobart is safe for everyone, and according to the historical overview, it has the lowest crime rate in the whole area. Foodie culture in Tasmania is also blossoming, so you should think about packing a knife and fork too.

There are some cons to living in Hobart too. The main drawback of living in Tasmania is that it is not the main hub of industries and that is why it is hard to land an easy job there. There are certain healthcare industries in Hobart, but these don’t offer as many opportunities to the fresh graduates as they should. Apart from this, the Tasmanian Tiger has become extinct in the area which means that your chances of seeing it has become zero. On top of that winters can become pretty harsh for someone fond of living in warm places. Hobart serves as a gateway to East Antarctica, which means that it can very cold in Hobart during winters.

If you are planning to come to Australia, you have come to the right page. We will keep you informed with our up-to-date information, news and blogs.

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