What is OSHC?

OSHC stands for Overseas Student Health Cover which is a mandatory health insurance service required by student visa holders in Australia. It basically ensures that if a student or his/her spouse need medical treatment in Australia, then the person is covered for hospital and other medical bills, in full or to some extent. A student can arrange the payment of the OSHC through the educational institution or he/she can choose his/her own OSHC provider.

Why does a student need it?

The foremost reason that a student needs OSHC is because of the Australian law that makes it mandatory for international students to hold this cover during his/her study period. If a student is planning to stay further in Australia after his/her course finishes and apply for another temporary visa such as a temporary graduate visa, then he/she has to switch his/her cover to another suitable health cover.

In addition to the visa requirement, students need it as medical bills are very expensive in Australia. OSHC can cover all the basic expenses and it can help in other circumstances to some extent. Moreover, it also includes ambulance cover and limited pharmaceutical expenses.

What does it cover?

It usually assists in the cost of ambulance service, hospital, pharmaceuticals and a few other medical bills.

Example of what might be included in the cover:

  • Hospital bills
  • Ambulance bills
  • Accident and emergency department facility fees+
  • Inpatient medical services bills
  • Bills related to General Practitioner (GP) consultations
  • Other out-of-hospital medical services (blood tests & x-rays) bills
  • Bills related to prescription medicines: up to $300 per year for single and up to $600 for a couple

What is not included?

In most cases, it does not provide assistance for the services associated with dental treatments, cosmetic surgeries, physiotherapy services, chiropractor services, medications not prescribed by a doctor, optical charges and anything not mentioned by the service provider.

Available OSHC Providers

There are only a few health insurers who are licensed to provide OSHC service to international students by the Australian Government. These providers are:

For more info, please visit the Private Health government website.

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