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PTE academic is basically a computer-based test that is taken in English by Education institutes and governments to evaluate the English language fluency of the individuals. PTE Academic exam is solely monitored by the Pearson Test Center and is taken to assess the overall English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in a 2-hour exam.
PTE Academic exam is accepted all over the world for education purposes and even for migration to New Zealand and Australia. The most crucial thing that why should you consider taking this test for studying and migration is that you will get the fastest results (maximum five days). The whole exam is scored and calculated by Artificial intelligence that runs on an Algorithm that resembles human scoring. This technique allows unbiased scoring and focuses solely on the content, and removes any accent-based bias or everything else. Today we will discuss in detail the five subsections of reading which are as follows.

PTE Reading Module

This section of the PTE exam focuses on checking fluency in reading skills. The section must be completed in 29-30 minutes so that you can focus on other parts of the exams. Consider checking the timer on the screen while taking the test. All of it depends upon you, that how you manage the sections within the time limit. In other words, the subsections aren’t time-bound, but the entire section is.

PTE Reading Subsections overview

Here are the subsections of PTE reading that you’ll have to attempt while taking the test.

Multiple choice questions – Single Answers

The individual will be presented with a passage under this subsection. The students must select a single correct answer from multiple choices. Typically there are less than three items asked under this subsection. The total length of one item can be up to 300 words. The student is awarded for every correct answer. Under this subsection, the reading ability of the student is assessed.

Multiple choice questions – Multiple Answers

In this subsection, the student is expected to select the answer from multiple choices. The student must choose the correct answer from the passage given, and more than one response can be accurate in some cases. Usually, there are two to three items in this subsection. The length of the passage can be up to 300 words. Partial credit is given to the student, which means that the marks will be given for every correct answer. Under this subsection reading capability of the student is assessed.

Reorder paragraphs

On the left-hand side, a student will notice many sentences or paragraphs in disordered form. It is expected from the student to drag and drop the sentences or paragraphs in the correct order. Typically about two or three items come under this subsection. Although the number of words can be up to 150, and the answers are assessed on the basis of partial credit, and the scores are given for each correctly ordered adjacent pair. Under this subsection, just the reading capability of the students is assessed.

Reading fill in the blanks.

Under this subsection, the passage that appears on the screen will come with several gaps. Under the passage, the students will be given different words. The individual is expected to drag and drop the words that the person thinks are correct and fill in the blanks accordingly. Normally four to five questions are asked under this subsection, and the score is given on the basis of each correctly answered fill in the blank. The reading capability of the student is assessed in this subsection.

Reading and writing fill in the blanks.

The student will be present a passage or a paragraph with several blanks. Each of the blanks in this subsection will come with a dropdown option filled in with several words. The student needs to select the words that he thinks is the right one. The total length of the text can be up to 300 words. Typically, five to six items are given under this sub-section. The reading and writing capability of the students is assessed under this category.

Tips for taking the PTE reading section

  • While taking the multiple-choice questions – single answer, it is recommended that you should focus on the questions that what is being asked. After taking a quick glance at the question and the answer, start reading the text and choose the answer you think is right.
  • While taking the multiple-choice questions – multiple answers, you must pay more focus to the correct choices and choose from the given without worrying too much about everything else. Concentration is necessary in order to pass this section.
  • While attempting the reordering paragraphs section, carefully read the minute details in depth. Generally, the paragraphs containing connectors and adverbs don’t come as a first paragraph. That is why you must attempt the section with absolute focus.
  • In both of the fill-in-the-blanks sections, check if the blank requires a noun, verb, or adjective. Answer all the questions accordingly.


The reading section in the PTE exam is crucial to your success. That is why it is recommended that you must attempt all the subsections under this category in absolute detail. To improve the PTE reading score, the student must not spend more than two minutes on a given task and take care of the technicalities that arise with it. The individual must have at least basic knowledge of grammar and has power over good vocabulary. He must use collocation of words to the rescue. The individual must use the elimination strategy to answer the most basic question and learn the proper use of words to attempt the questions. PTE exam result is valid for two years if the student is applying for educational purposes. That is why it is recommended to prepare for the test beforehand so that the person doesn’t have to attempt the test again. Before attempting the test, the student must do a lot of reading practice and should try the free sample questions given on the internet. On top of that, he must work on gaining confidence, as confidence and focus are the only traits that are required to pass this subsection. Happy Learning!

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