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Students around the world strive to excel in their careers and the first step towards achieving that goal is to study in the world’s top-performing universities. However, getting enrolled in one of these universities is tough due to the increasing competition. Besides, the majority of the world’s top universities are located in English-speaking countries that make it even harder for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds than for domestic students. That is the reason why these universities enrol only the students who can communicate in English, both in writing and verbally; and this is their pre-requite to the enrolment.

So, where does the PTE Academic fit in?

PTE Academic is recognised worldwide as one of the English aptitude tests and Australian universities and the Department of Home Affairs have accepted PTE as one of the English skill tests. Students can give other aptitude tests as well such as IELTS or TOEFL to get enrolled in these universities. However, PTE Academic is the most popular option.

How does AFS help students in PTE Academic?

Securing good grades in PTE Academic is a real struggle for the majority of the students. We have built an online PTE practice system and mock test to help these bright students to secure the required marks in the PTE exam.

If you want to practice PTE for free and give mock exams before appearing in the real exam, please contact us via our WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook pages.

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